WindLanders Studio


Windlanders is a multidisciplinary studio-producer specialized in 2d/3d Animation, VFX and Game Design, which we offer service in addition to give access to the Canary Islands’ tax incentives. 

From the point of view of production we develop our own IP’s, but we also give foreign companies access to the various lines of the Canary islands financing and the Spanish State through co-production and co-development. 

We have a large number of high-end equipment, spaces, media, database of professionals in the sector, legal, labor and tax advisers as well as several lines of services which we customize according to the production needs of the client.

With this exclusive service we offer accommodation and establishment to foreign companies in our facilities in the Canary Islands. That is to say, we welcome and host your company in our studios. This service is designed for co-production and co-development.


We take care of all the bureaucratic paperwork so that you can bring both your team and your production to the Canary Islands immediately, so that our client saves time, money and can access the world’s most powerful tax incentives as soon as possible. In addition to having the equipment, software, insurance and the professional technical-artistic staff you need at the time.

We have several facilities with a minimum of 40 workstations, all of them can be expanded according to the volume of your production, no matter how large it is. In these sections we will give you a breakdown of the characteristics of our spaces and their equipment:


  • 1º. Facilities: 

    • Wacom Cintiq Room: equipped with 20 places for 2d/3d animation.
    • Wokstation Room: equipped with 20 stations for 3d, Game Design or VFX production.
    • Chroma Studio: Set for chroma shots and mocap / matchmoving sessions.
  • 2º. Equipment:


    • 20 Workstations for 3d animation, VFX and postproduction.
    • 20 Wacom Cintiq 22 HD for 2d animation.
    • Mocap-Suite XSense para Game Design.
    • Mocap-Suite/facial XSense/Dynamxyz for Game Design.
    • Chroma Key Set for VFX.
    • Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro 4.6 K Professional Full Kit.
    • Own high capacity server for pipeline and remote work.
    • We have all industry leading software in every technical-artistic area.
    • We get everything you need for your productions.

Co-production & Co-development:
Access the best financing lines
in the world with Windlanders Studio

Windlanders Studio co-produces and co-develops works or projects of foreign companies through the lines of financing held by the Canary Islands, which come from the Tax Incentives, Grants and Credit Lines designed especially by Europe and the Spanish State for this territory as an outermost region.


Windlanders Studio co-produces and co-develops for the entire range of productions and targets regardless of whether they are for adult or children’s audiences, as well as the type of market: 2d/3d Animation productions, Game Design, Film and VFX/Post-production.


For the management of the bilateral procedures between our country and that of the company interested in co-producing/co-developing with us, we have one of the largest consultancy firms in the Canary Islands for international tax issues.

- 1. Fiscal Incentives: The most powerful in the world with 50 % TAX REBATE & 0 % VAT

Through our studio, you can access the tax incentives of the Canary Islands for 2d/3d Animation, Game Design, Film and VFX/Postproduction, whose main advantages lie in these 2 points:

  • 50 % Tax Rebate for the deduction of the investment of the production carried out in the Canary Islands. These are the most powerful in the world, a unique opportunity with which their production will recover more than half of the investment. To access them, you must hire a local production company such as Windlanders Studio, as well as meet a series of technical investment and contracting requirements, which we will manage through the service.
  • 0 % VAT for the purchase of equipment and software (i.e. excluding VAT). With these incentives, you are free of value added tax on the purchase of the equipment you need for your project. Compare this with the VAT in the rest of Spain, which is 21% on the cost of the product, which shows that the savings are considerable.

- 2º. Lines of financing: with us you can opt for up to 2 million euros for co-production and 40,000 euros for co-development

There are 3 main ways in which we can finance your project in the islands:

  • Guarantees for audiovisual production and Game Design through Mutual Guarantee entities: which give access to a minimum of 300,000 euros of credit and a maximum according to the viability of the project.
  • State and Regional Subsidies: which are around a minimum of 300,000 euros and a maximum of 2.2 million euros for the production of series and feature-length animation films and a minimum of 40,000 euros for co-development.
  • Local investors who get tax relief for investing their profits in production: We have our own exclusive portfolio of investors in the Canary Islands, which can only be accessed through our service.

We guarantee the price of Service the cheapest in the Canary Islands: We improve the offer of competition up to 15 %.

Windlanders Studio guarantees its clients the best price in the Canary Islands, improving any offer from competitors with up to 15% discount.

Do not hesitate to consult us and visit our facilities before committing to other studios, as we will improve our services and prices in a guaranteed way.

And not only we will improve the price, we will also do the best job.

Consulting: The only studio that has a comprehensive advisory service legal, tax, labor and insurance

Winlanders Studio is backed by one of the largest advisory and consulting firms in the Canary Islands, so you can work backed by legal guarantees and security, which with other service companies of the competition can not enjoy.


Your production would be covered in all administrative areas: from the legal terms of the agreements to the fiscal details of the agreements between countries; passing through the labor procedures of the hiring of personnel without forgetting the management of the obligatory insurances that are necessary to work in Spain.


In addition, this consulting entity has a portfolio of private investors from the Canary Islands themselves, an advantage that must be taken into account when producing here.

Take advantage of our
economical service packs

For those companies that only want certain technical-artistic services, we have a series of service packs according to each type of production, whose rates are promotional:


If the pack is contracted, the price for each service included will be up to 20% cheaper than contracting them separately, which are based on the price/hour of the studio – Being in line with the average of the Spanish audiovisual industry.



In addition, these packs have the advantage of being incentivised as long as the volume of the service is in line with the minimum specifications for production investment in the islands required by the Canary Islands Tax Incentives.


The 12 promotional packs for Animation, Game Design and VFX are:



  • Basic Pre-Production Pack for 2d/3d animation, Game Design or 10% Cinema: Concept Art + Storyboard 

  • Complete Preproduction Pack for 2d/3d animation, Game Design or 15% Cinema: Concept Art + Storyboard + Layout


  • Basic Pack for 2d Animation with 10 % discount: Interleaving Services + Clean Up (Ink and Paint)

  • Complete 2d Animation Pack with 20 % discount: Animation + Interlacing + Clean Up (Ink and Paint)


  • Basic Pack 3d Setup with 10% discount: Modeling + Mapping + Texturing of Characters, Props and Scenarios
  • Complete 3d Setup Pack with 15% discount: Character, Props and Scenario Setup + Rigging + Traditional Animation
  • Complete 3d Production Pack with a 20% discount: Character, Props and Scenario Setup + Rigging + Traditional Animation + Lighting + Render


  • Basic Pack of Postproduction for 2d/3d animation and 10% cinema: Composition + Color grading + Editing

  • Basic Pack of Postproduction and VFX for 10 % cinema: VFX + Chroma Set + Mocap Suite  

  • Complete Pack of Postproduction and VFX for 20% cinema: VFX + Chroma Set + Mocap Suite + Composition + Color grading  


  • Mocap Pack for Game Design/VFX with 10% discount: Custom Motion Capture with Mocap Suite + Corrections + Traditional Animation

  • Game Design Pack with 20% discount: Concept Art + 3d Setup + Custom Motion Capture with Mocap Suite + Corrections + Traditional Animation