WindLanders Studio


One of the studio’s upcoming production is a children’s series called “Proyecto Amigo” (Friend Project). Several international public broadcast companies have shown interest, and we hope to launch it in 2022. It is a transmedia franchise which includes a mobile game and AR apps to interact with. 

The story centers on a young girl and her invisible friend, both are travelling together around imaginaries and a real worlds. Also, they help other children, while they are teaching moral and social values.


The show has a big educational component as the characters help children around the world with their local issues. Thanks to the AR game, children can find our invisible friends and interact with them and the TV series. 


For «Proyecto Amigo» we have 50% of the financing of this IP for both co-development and co-production thanks to the financing lines we have in the Canary Islands. 


FORMAT      Animation 2D
LENGTH       26 X 22′
TARGET        6 – 10 years
GENRE          Comedy/Adventures/Fantasy
STATUS        In Development   
FOR               Coproducers / Codevelopment / Broadcasters / Distributors 


A girl and her magical friend, whom she empowers with her imagination, travel around the world helping other children while some trolls try to avoid it, unleashing all kinds of adventures.


Carlota and her magical imaginary friend Cornelio help children all over the world when they have problems typical of their culture. They always find a solution by learning the customs of their country, while being stalked by the «MalaSombras» (Bad Shadows), trolls who feed on the calamities they overcome with values.


Carlota and her imaginary friend Cornelio help children all over the world when they have problems typical of their culture. As they help them, they learn the customs of their country, so they find a suitable solution to the conflict. But they have to be on the alert, because «MalaSombras» («Bad Shadows»), trolls who feed from the misfortunes and bad feelings of children, are always lurking. They do their best to turn their home into a place as sad and dark as their own, which they never achieve thanks to the new values that children discover when they work as a team.